Helen Manich serves on several Boards of Advisors, including:

  • VivaVax creates biosafe products to protect sensitive products from temperature fluctuations during transport. VivaVax specializes in coatings & additives which protect at the vial level.
  • Pilleve is an integrated pill bottle that helps care providers and insurance companies prevent the long-term costs associated with opioid abuse and addiction. Pilleve relies on real-time data to accurately monitor prescription intake, conduct behavioral analysis, educate patients, and connect them to a network of support. Through early intervention, Pilleve can help healthcare providers make informed decisions about a patient’s well-being to prevent the adverse effects of opioid abuse.
  • Conserve With Us is a technology platform that allows land conservancies to connect with people and communities to protect the outdoor places we all love.  Our platform supports marketing, fundraising, and contributions directly to critical conservation projects. Natural lands are disappearing. Land roughly the size of Manhattan is lost every 3 days to development and land conservancies have critical projects — What’s missing is funding and awareness.
  • Halcyon Incubator is committed to solving 21st-century challenges throughout the nation and the world. By helping social entrepreneurs transform audacious ideas into scalable and sustainable ventures, the Halcyon Incubator acts as a catalyst for measurable social outcomes. It’s perhaps the most immersive incubator in the world that focuses on both social impact and profit.

Ms. Manich advises on The Path to the Revenue Stream, for each of the Halcyon Incubator fellowship entrepreneurs.