Who Are We Serving: Marketers and Founders face market forces changing at lightning speed. VC, PE & Fund Managers face portfolio companies with limited bandwidth which are missing critical expertise.

Competition. New Technology. Mergers. New Opportunities.

We’ve Hiked this Trail: Manich Strategic, Inc (MSI) possesses decades of experience and diverse networks from building disruptive companies, MCI, McCaw Cellular to 100’s of start-ups, across multiple industries. MSI helps you navigate to achieve organic growth.

We Navigate with You – Quickly!  The Path to the Revenue Stream ramps up quickly on your business and determining an effective approach is vital to executing at the speed of your business.  You receive our strategic insights based on practical experience that utilizes disciplined, customer-centric data to address roadblocks and avoid costly mistakes.

Determine the Route Together:  Be Relentlessly Curious about the Customer with data-driven analysis to provide a basis for hypotheses, testing, and tracking performance.  We collaborate with our Clients to achieve Higher ROI of Sales and Marketing Resources.

We’ve Got Your Back: MSI lived and thrived in the pressure you’re under. We’re flexible to meet your needs. This includes 1-on-1 coaching for big presentations, candid discussions on your toughest calls, and negotiations for Business Development / Strategic Partnerships.

Start with the End in Mind:  For Portfolio Managers, Founders, and Marketers, we serve as a strategic resource to build your revenue stream, create Strategic Partnerships, and enhance value to be attractive for IPO or Acquisition Exit Strategies.