Project: Market research for the deployment of Broadband connections.

This market research seeks to understand the challenges, limitations, and restrictions ISPs, Cable Installers, Enterprises, and Municipalities face in deploying broadband networks, specifically the challenges of last-mile fiber optic deployments.

New Method for Installing Fiber Optic Cable

While installing cable today requires cutting into the ground, this new patented process allows low-profile fiber optic cable to be placed directly onto paved surfaces and bonded in very durable protective coatings.

A simple, on-demand, optical fiber installation.

The new method essentially paints fiber optic cable, using very durable protective coatings, onto streets, parking lots, sidewalks, and other internal or exterior surfaces.

“Painted Fiber” on a roadway, entering/exiting hand hole through curb transition.
“Painted Fiber” crossing expansion joint between asphalt and concrete surfaces, then entering buried hand hole through curb.
“Painted Fiber” crossing multiple large cracks in asphalt surface. (Note: this image occurred after proper snow plowing – notice scuff marks on the surface without heavy damage)


Drastically reduces deployment times

  • No trenching
  • Avoid underground obstacles
  • Short permitting process
  • Shrink installation time to hours instead of weeks or months

Simple, on-demand, cable installation

  • Lay ~1,000 feet of cable per hour
  • Built on the existing roads or other hard surfaces and mitigates major disruptions to property, enivornment, and daily life
  • Safe to drive over in ~20 minutes depending on ambient temperatures and humidity